Great Teaching- Efficient Learning @Apex

At AGI students learn the skill of perceiving and understanding the world. Learning at AGI involve creating conceptual principles, accepting results, recalling realistic information, acquiring methods and systems, analysis, debating ideas, or mounting behaviour appropriate to specific situations. Educational success for all the Apex students are ensured by providing quality teaching by experienced and knowledgeable teachers who are equipped with effective, evidence-based teaching approach, that uphold the high teaching standards through strategic professional development at all levels.

Inclusive Teaching Learning

AGI adopts Inclusive learning strategies that include number of innovative teaching approaches that deal with the needs of students from different diversity, learning styles, and abilities. An inclusive learning environment is provided to AGI students in which they are able to engage themselves actively, feel safe and feel welcome.

Experiential Learning and Reflection

Students at AGI through experiential learning techniques involving constructivist and perspective learning experience gain the life skills in education and work. Reflection is an important part of experiential learning as it ‘rolls experience into learning’. At AGI, students examine and analyse the real time scenarios through conventional and ICT based teaching methods – it necessitates role models, observation of proficient practitioners, self-practice, mentors.

Learning through Research and advanced Curriculum

  • Students of AGI connect with faculty and international research community

  • A thorough line of research activity is built into each program

  • Students attach academic learning with workspace learning

  • Students gain knowledge of to produce outputs – assessments which are based on problem solving

  • AGI Students connect with other students, across phases of world and with alumni

  • Access to online resource library containing lectures notes, case studies, videos and other learning materials

Learning & Assessment Practices

  • Quiz

  • Projects

  • Assignments

  • Tutorials

  • Case Studies

  • Surprise Tests

  • Soft Skill Input

  • Model Making

  • Group Discussion

  • Seminar

  • Activity Simulation

  • Internships

  • Industry Experts

  • Industrial Tours

  • International Faculty Inputs

ICT Driven Learning

  • Fully equipped e-class rooms

  • Massive open online courses (MOOC) for students

  • Online Discussion For

  • E-Journals with easy access

  • Resource sharing through Mini-Cloud Computing

  • Online Expert video lectures i.e. NPTEL & Referred resources

Experimental Learning

  • Projects as Part of curriculum

  • Project Labs in each department

  • Online Tests

  • Participation in national and international competitions

  • Regular Project Exhibition