B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering)

This programme has been designed with an objective to create well-qualified engineers who can take up the challenges in the area of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Graduates will be able to pursue a variety of careers, such as technology research, software design and development, system and network architecture, system integration, etc. or choose to become entrepreneurs. After enabling the students to develop a strong foundation in basic sciences, mathematics, basic engineering, humanities, social sciences and management, the programme will lay down adequate emphasis on a large number of core courses in CSE. Most of the courses are well supported by good laboratory practice through well-equipped labs. These projects quite often lead to publications of their original work. Some of the core courses of these programmes include Object Oriented Programming, Algorithm Design, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, Compiler Design, and Computer Organization & Architecture, etc. Students will have to undergo a mandatory six-week Industrial Training.


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